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Senior Attorney


  • The role of the Senior Attorney is a highly collaborative role and in this position he / she works closely with Partners, Junior Attorneys and Associates in advising clients of the law firm, developing contracts, reviewing, negotiating, and interpreting a wide array of business/corporate agreements

  • Providing leadership in the delivery of reliable, accurate, timely and well-informed advice to the company management on legal issues and the potential legal implications of various corporate strategies and business initiatives and projects

  • Overseeing all activities of the Lawyers and deals with all complex legal transactions, identifying legal issues and offering the business and its consumers optimum solutions as well as ensuring that the business responds appropriately to any legislative changes

  • He / she also specializes on corporate governance work which is inclusive of legal services processes, contracts, complaints, and so forth

  • Researching and evaluating different risk factors regarding business decisions and operations

  • Contributing a legality assurance perspective to the law firm’s strategic and governance processes, particularly the executive decision-making process

  • Building understanding of legal issues, risks and obligations through advice, communications and training, especially for other Lawyers

  • Supervising Junior Attorneys and Associates

  • Giving accurate and timely counsel to executives in a variety of legal topics

  • Collaborating with management of the law firm to devise efficient defense strategies


Professional / Personal skills:

  • Confidence

  • Sound judgement

  • Diplomatic and self-reliance

  • Ability to work autonomously, own initiative and priorities workload

  • Strong analytical skills

  • Having experience of analyzing complex issues and large volumes of information

  • Experience in interpreting legislation into practical application

  • Demonstrated ability to create legal defensive or proactive strategies

  • High degree of professional ethics and integrity

  • Sound judgement and ability to analyze situations and information

  • Experience in international business

  • Excellent written and spoken English or German language knowledge

  • Ability to mentor and coach

  • Strong leadership skills and willing to take on challenges spontaneously