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About us

Our vision

We are bringing a unique portal for the generation of experts and specialists over 55 years. We see a world in which your energy and desire to work will help you to enjoy the upcoming years of your professional life in companies that will value your experience and skills. A world that enriches both parties.

Our mission

We are connecting experienced candidates over 55 and companies which could benefit from their unused potential.

Our mission is to bridge experts and companies from different industries and countries.


is an expert in the management and implementation of international projects in the field of Executive Search in Central and Eastern Europe for top management as well as highly specialized positions. She has more than 25 years of working experience in international consulting companies. In the recent years, she has devoted herself intensively to the topic of professionals over 55 and their possibilities on the labor market.


has extensive experience in management and implementation of projects in the field of Executive Search for management and specialist positions in various industry segments (industrial technology, production, finance, logistics, trade, services and others). She also leads projects dedicated to personal consultancy, testing and career programs for client companies as well as individual candidates.


after completing her university studies, she worked in the field of Executive Search. Later, she has broadened her experience as an HR Supervisor, having worked in international manufacturing companies for 15 years, until, in 2018, she returned to HR consultancy. Thanks to combined experience with consulting as well as with internal HR management, Zuzana is able to provide comprehensive professional consultancy.


leads the Plus55 project in the Czech Republic. She has spent almost her entire career working in multinational corporations, in the pharma industry and biotechnology. She successfully led international teams and projects with a positive societal impact. Since 2010, she has worked as CEO of Biogen in the Czech Republic, followed by a position in the Global Corporate Affairs team with responsibility for Europe and Canada until 2023. Michaela is currently involved in healthcare projects and is a business mentor.


is an IT expert, who founded and successfully runs a company that focuses on web and mobile application development, especially in an open-source environment. Tailor-made and customized features, programming, testing, and project scaling are important components of all offered solutions.