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About us

Our Vision

We are bringing a unique work tool for generations of professionals and specialists over 55 years of age.

We see your world where your energy and the desire to work allow you to progress further in your working life for companies that will honor your experience as added value.

A world where both parties benefit.

Our Mission

We are a company that brings a unique view for underestimated potentials in today’s market. Our mission is to connect 55+ professionals and companies from different industries and countries.

We are offering a unique search engine that effectively combines experienced candidates over 55 years old and companies desiring them.

Our Team

Pavol ŠALÁTEK​ represents a professional with long time experience from big multinational companies, specialized in marketing, management and consulting. He is an enthusiastic influencer with the ability to adapt to   ever-changing situation in any high performance culture and to face challenges in relation between people and his daily work.

email: tel: +421 903 500 053

Katarína BITTALOVÁ has extensive experience in managing and implementing projects in the field of Executive Search for top management and specialists in industrial technology, production, finance, logistics, trade and services. She also provides counseling, psychodiagnostics, coaching, implementation of counseling and career programs for companies as well as individual clients.

email: tel: +421 905 951 995

Blanka​ ​SCHELLINGOVÁ​ is an expert in management and execution of international Executive Search projects in CEE region for top and middle management positions as well as highly specialized positions.

Blanka disposes with more than 25 years’ experience from international human resources consulting companies. Due to her background she is providing a deep private professional advisory.

email: tel: +421 905 977 566

Peter POKRIVČÁK launched own IT company, which is focusing on development of web and mobile applications, especially in open source environment. Custom features and personalized functions, programming, testing and scaling of project are important parts of every solution.